Console trouble with glibc compiled with gcc-3.4.x

Daniel Kegel
Mon Jul 26 20:54:00 GMT 2004

Martin Schaffner wrote:
> I'm quite sure I tried all combinations
> What I found out later:
> glibc-build is 488M after compiling with gcc-3.3.3 but only 198M
> after compiling with gcc-3.4.1. The difference is distributed
> evenly among the subdirectories. This convinces me that the problem is  
> in glibc.

How about testing chimeric glibc's, i.e. ones compiled half
with gcc-3.3.3, half with gcc-3.4.1?  You could do that
by hitting ^C partway through the build and changing the PATH,
I imagine.  (Or by selectively removing .o's and rerunning the build.)
This ought to let you zero in on what part of glibc is being
- Dan

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