crosstool 0.27 sucess report and a question!

Daniel Kegel
Thu Jul 22 20:00:00 GMT 2004

Reza Salehi wrote:
> I just wanted to report that I used crosstool 0.27
> successfully (thanks Dan).
> I created a gcc3.3.2 / glibc2.3.2 
> powerpc-405-linux-gnu cross compiler on Redhat 9.0. 
> I've successfully used it to compile linux and U-Boot
> binaries for my MPC8540.


> However, I had a problem with getting U-Boot to work
> with the above toolchain, if the -g and -Os where
> turned on.  Previously, I was using the Metroworks
> toolchain (gcc 2.95) to compile my U-Boot (1.0.1) and
> I could create a binary with -g and -Os that worked.  
> Can someone tell me why I can't use -g and -Os with
> the gcc3.3.2 /glibc2.3.2 to compile the U-Boot code
> for MPC8540?

What are the symptoms?

If it's just "it doesn't boot", you might consider divide-and-conquor.
e.g. try building just one source file with -Os and see if that works.
If it does, then do a binary search to see which source file
builds wrong with -Os...

- Dan

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