Is it a bug of gcc?

rainfeng _micro
Tue Jul 20 04:50:00 GMT 2004

    I established the gnu tool chain for powerpc-eabi under cygwin and 
windows 2k with gcc-3.3.2 binutils-2.14 newlib-1.11.0 and gdb-6.0
    Now I met a strange problem with array data type.
   In IO.c an array named CSSTbl is defined:
     const UINT8 CSSTble[6] = {0xe0,0xc0,0xa0,0x60,0x20,0x40};
   An error went out in my program when it runs in reality and i spent some 
time to find out the reason.At last i found that the value of CSSTbl in 
memory was not as it was defined,but was:
    CSSTbl[6] = {0xc0,0xa0,0x60,0x20,0x40,0x0}

   Is it a bug?

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