PPC and vxworks crosscompiler

Jim Benson jbenson@sextans.lowell.edu
Tue Jul 20 01:58:00 GMT 2004



  What is the current trick for making a crossgcc compiler
for a MPC750 for vxworks? I did the standard things that have worked
for me before for making m68k cross with vxworks. I ran into
the old 

#error CPU is not defined correctly

error. I got the error for
I was trying this with gcc-3.3.1 and vxworks 5.4.2.

There was some discussion about these kinds of errors
posted to this list in April 2002. One suggestion from
Jimm Burk was to simply include -D__CPU__=xxx
(xxx is probably 603 for the 750...judging from the Makefile
in the BSP for my 750...and the vxCpu.h) and 

Is this still the way people are doing this?



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