crosstool-0.28-rc28 does not compile for ARM

Steven Scholz
Sat Jul 17 11:33:00 GMT 2004

Steven Scholz wrote:

> Dimitry Andric wrote:
>>> /tmp/cc8N0ahh.s: Assembler messages:
>>> /tmp/cc8N0ahh.s:11: Error: selected processor does not support `rfs r3'
>>> /tmp/cc8N0ahh.s:20: Error: selected processor does not support `wfs r3'
>>> Can someone confirm that? Or has idea why I am getting this?
>> Can't confirm, but can you please specify what processor you are
>> trying to build for?  I guess this is some mismatch between the ARM
>> cpu type set in the linux kernel configuration, and in crosstool.
> I want to use it for ARM9 processors like Atmels AT91RM9200 and 
> Motorolas i.MX.

Do I have to change arm.config to select "CONFIG_CPU_ARM920T" for this?


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