Profiling libraries

Daniel Kegel
Thu Jul 15 19:13:00 GMT 2004

Linux Newbie wrote:
> I am trying to profile a program which uses zlib1.2.1 i.e.
> As I read on internet, it is easier to get profile data when linked statically.
> so I am trying that first.
> 1st: Just compile source of the lib with -pg option.
>      Compile example.c, that comes with zlib , with -pg option
>      statically linked the libz.a
>      Run the make test, it also executes example and creates gmon.out
>      gprof ./example
>      It shows all the lib functions in the profile , 
>      but timing is 0.00 for all

A couple questions:
1. did you compile and link the main program with -pg?
2. was runtime long enough (tens of seconds) to accumulate
sufficient samples?

- Dan

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