i386, sparc, and sparc64 failures

Jason Rothstein fdragon@fdragon.org
Thu Jul 15 17:30:00 GMT 2004

I am trying to build cross compilers using my own build scripts (wanting 
to learn how to do it) after I have gotten crosstool-0.28-rc26 to build 
everything correctly.

I am on Slackware 10 for ix86, and trying to generate cross targets for 
i386-unknown-linux-gnu, powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu, 
sparc-unknown-linux-gnu, and sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu.

Toolchain software I am using is the following :

gcc 3.4.1
glibc 2.3.3 (CVS tag glibc-2_3_3)

I have applied the following patches from crosstool-0.28-r28 :

    glibc fixup
    glibc no-unit-at-a-time

Error messages that I see are :

    i386-unknown-linux-gnu target : i_am_not_a_leaf in crti.S and crtn.S
    sparc-unknown-linux-gnu target : i_am_not_a_leaf in crti.S and crtn.S
    sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu target : only 32 single precision f 
registers in soft-fp/qp_qtoi.c

Attached is the build script I am currently using.

I have tried the various fixes that I could find on google, none of them 
appear to work, or the change set referenced appears to already be in 
the versions of the tools I am using.
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