Strange problem building GCC under crosstool

Dan Kegel
Thu Jul 15 15:02:00 GMT 2004

Ken Rose wrote:
> I'm trying to build a cross toolchain for PPC405 and I'm running into a 
> really strange problem.  The first time the build tries to use the new 
> xgcc, it spews errors claiming to not understand nearly every option 
> it's passed, and then cores out with a segfault.  This happens under 
> crosstool-0.27 and 0.28rc28.
> ...
> xgcc: unrecognized option `-isystem'
> xgcc: unrecognized option `-O2'
> ...
> Anybody seen anything like this?  I've been building GCC for a lot of 
> years, and I haven't.

Nope.  How did you invoke crosstool?  If you send me
enough info to reproduce, I'll try it here.
- Dan

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