using precompiled glibc libs / new created include files / missin g crt1.o

Dan Kegel
Wed Jul 14 14:31:00 GMT 2004

Feldmeier Bernd wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> Well after I got my toolchain working from scratch
> I needed to build my toolchain with precompiled glibc libs.
> So far no prob, but the target headers (/usr/include) were missing.
> So I created them from scratch (compiling) for the right glibc version.
> After integrating the libs/headers in my gcc I got this error when compiling
> a 
> simple test app:
> crt1.o : not found -- ld stuck here
> I can understand this, because
> my precompiled target libs have no
> crt1.o file.
> How can I create my toolchain
> without wanting to use this file??

You can't, it's needed.  (Look at its source
to see what it does; it's part of the C library startup.)

You either need to use one you compiled, or one from
the same place as you got the target libraries.

I sometimes cheat and copy just libc.a from the target
on top of the crosstool-generated toolchain.
That works for me, maybe you could do that, too.
- Dan

> PS: I also tested a toolchain withs.
> glibc and glibc-devel rpms
> this works, because the missing lib
> is included.
> So what is crt1.o or why is this file
> not included in the target glibc on
> my embedded system??
> in this target system everything 
> seems to work.
> PS: toolchain(gcc-2.95.2/glibc-2.2.2)
> CyA Bernd

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