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Dan Kegel
Wed Jul 14 05:22:00 GMT 2004 wrote:
> Dan,
>      I am Jack, an Assistant R&D Engineer in the Philippines. I checked
> and it gave me a link to your site. Ive read that testing
> was successful on ppc and sh. I have 1 small question though...
>      Will the gcc cross toolchains on your site work on
> TX4938 (64bit mips) processor? I was hoping this is the solution to my
> crosstoolchain woes. Thanks!
>      If untested yet, i will gladly contribute to your page any progress i
> have here.

Hi Jack,
I'm cc'ing your question to the crossgcc mailing list,
which is the best place for such questions.
I think glibc MIPS64 support worked at one time in the past,
and David Scidmore is trying to get it working again.
crossgcc is probably a good framework for this,
though I suspect you'll need to create your own glibc-2.3.3 source tarball
from cvs for the moment to directly use crosstool's demo scripts
with mips64.

Please do contribute any patches you come with to the crossgcc
mailing list, not to me personally.  I may not be able to reply
as promptly or as well as others on this list.


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