crosstool, cygwin, and mips

Dan Kegel
Sun Jul 11 06:54:00 GMT 2004

Nathan D. Blomquist wrote:
> I have been looking at crosstool in order to help me build a cross compiler
> for MIPS on cygwin.  The script seems to work well until I get a patch not
> found error.  Here is the last part of the results that I get:
> binutils-2.15/md5.sum
> + [ -d linux ]
> + [ -d kernel ]
> + test -d /home/nathan/ct/patches/binutils-2.15
> + cd binutils-2.15
> + test -f /home/nathan/ct/patches/binutils-2.15/binutils-2.15-vmx.patch
> + patch -g0 --fuzz=1 -p1 -f
> patch: not found
> + cat patch3644.log
> cat: patch3644.log: No such file or directory
> I have looked in that directory and the patch file is there. I have no idea
> what is going on.  I am using crosstool-0.28-rc28.   ...

[Please address all crosstool questions to the crossgcc
mailing list, not to me personally.]

You do not have the patch program installed.  Use the
cygwin setup program to install it.

(I suppose could give a nicer error message
in that case, eh?)
- Dan

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