Dan Kegel
Fri Jul 9 15:12:00 GMT 2004

Jean-Christophe Dubois wrote:
> I generated a cross-compiler for PPC970.
> - gcc3.4.1
> - binutils 2.15
> - glibc 2.3.2
> All went fine and I was able to cross-compile a Linux 2.6.7 Linux kernel
> that was able to boot.
> However, it seems the generated is not that good. It crashes
> immediately when you try to execute it.
> You can find the output from both 32bits and 64bits version below.
> Anybody has a clue or any experience with this?

Painful, isn't it?
Tools like strace or gdb could help.  You might need to add printf's to
the code to see where it dies.

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