[CT 0.28rc28]: undefined reference to `i_am_not_a_leaf'

Dan Kegel dank@kegel.com
Thu Jul 8 16:28:00 GMT 2004

Dimitry Andric wrote:
>>With the latest Crosstool (rc28) I'm "suddenly" getting the error:
>>(well, I have reinstalled the host-system since it successfully build rc26)
>>==== 8< ====
>>undefined reference to `i_am_not_a_leaf'
>>collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
>>==== 8< ====
> Hm, this should probably have been handled by:
>   patches/glibc-linuxthreads-2.3.2/glibc-linuxthreads-2.3.2-allow-3.4.patch

No, he's building glibc-2.2.5, not 2.3.2.  Maybe we need a similar patch for 2.2.5?
But I don't think so; here, powerpc-405 / gcc-3.4.1-glibc-2.2.5 bulds just fine.

> I've appended a similar workaround as for mips to the original patch,
> my modified version can be found here:
>   http://www.andric.com/cross/patches/glibc-linuxthreads-2.3.2-allow-3.4.patch.bz2

Odd - mipsel builds fine here with gcc-3.4.1 and glibc-2.3.2 as
currently patched.  I don't seem to need to extend the patch.

Can either of you give me a recipe for reproducing the
problem on mipsel or ppc405 using vanilla crosstool-0.28-rc28?

> To Dan: this patch could probably also be made in
>   linuxthreads/sysdeps/powerpc/Makefile
> instead of:
>   linuxthreads/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/powerpc/Makefile
> since the first file already seems to override some CFLAGS
> (specifically, using -O1 for initfini.c).

I think I just took the patch directly from glibc cvs.  I prefer
doing it their way when possible.  Have you checked to see
if they addressed your issues in glibc cvs?  If so, I'd
prefer to take their change.  (If not, maybe you need to
submit the change to them?)
- Dan

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