linux/autoconf.h problem

Steve Papacharalambous
Wed Jul 7 15:25:00 GMT 2004


I've just run into the linux/autoconf.h problem, and fixed it using the 
patch suggested by Rafael Ávila de Espíndola to


@@ -145,8 +146,15 @@
  if test -f "$KERNELCONFIG" ; then
      cp $KERNELCONFIG .config
  if test -f .config; then
      yes "" | make ARCH=$ARCH oldconfig
+    make ARCH=$ARCH mrproper
+    case "$LINUX_DIR" in
+	*2.6.*) make ARCH=$ARCH defconfig ;;
+	*)      yes "" | make ARCH=$ARCH config ;;
+    esac

  # check for kernel version 2.6.*


This patch takes care of cases where there isn't a kernel config file 
provided in the crosstool archive, so I wondered whether this patch will 
make it into the next release of crosstool?

Best regards,


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