cross compiling for PPC7400/Linux on Solaris 8

Jean-Christophe Dubois
Tue Jul 6 15:46:00 GMT 2004

Hello Dan,

I am not as familiar as you are on how to find binutils patches. So if
you can't find a patch file, there is little chance I can do it.

When I said I verified it was in the CVS, I meant that I checked the CVS
HEAD version and was able to find that the 2 lines where modified as
described in the mailing list.

And this is enough to make things work for me.

The patch file I sent was generated by myself to ease the integration in
crosstool patch system.

Sorry if I sounded otherwise.



On Tue, 2004-07-06 at 16:10, Dan Kegel wrote:
> Jean-Christophe Dubois wrote:
> > In case it can help, please find attached the patch file I put in
> > crosstool-0.28-rc27/patches/binutils-2.15 to solve my problem.
> Hi JC,
> I've updated crosstool-0.28-rc28/doc/crosstool-howto.html's Solaris notes to mention this.
> I couldn't see the patch in binutils CVS, I must be blind...
> If you could send me the URL to the patch in binutils cvsweb,
> that'd help.
> Thanks,
> Dan
Jean-Christophe Dubois <>
Mercury Computer Systems

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