retrieving glibc sources by date

Dan Kegel
Mon Jul 5 15:55:00 GMT 2004

David Scidmore wrote:
>>In the next release of crosstool, I'd like to deal with
>>the fact that the glibc project does not release snapshot tarballs.
> That would have helped with getting glibc working for mips64, since all the
> changes to get it working were already in the CVS archive. The problem I
> faced was the difficulty in knowing what date is a good one for getting a
> snapshot. There seem to be issues of stability, compatibility with version
> of linux and/or gcc that are difficult to decipher just reading change logs.
> Or am I just being to paranoid?

No, you're not too paranoid.  However, if you do proper testing,
you shouldn't be afraid to just try a few dates and see if they work.
And by 'proper testing' I mean
'automated runs of the glibc regression test suite
and/or your own regression test suite'.  That way you
can rip through a whole series of dates to weed out the
ones that weren't ripe.

- Dan

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