Request For Enhancement: crosstool support of arm (rmk only?) kernel patches

Dan Kegel
Mon Jan 26 06:46:00 GMT 2004

Robert Schwebel wrote:
> PTXdist does support the -rmk patches, you might try it out. Although I
> must say I'm not happy with the way we handle this kind of "feature
> patches" now. For "bugfix patches" we use the same method as crosstools,
> but for feature patches there is too much magic in the makefiles at the
> moment...

I'm now supporting them in the following trivial way:
if you want to use them, you can, by copying them into the right
subdirectory of crosstool-0.27/patches.

ptxdist has the concept of a local patches directory already;
why not just have the user unpack the patches he wants
into that directory?  I guess the reason is that ptxdist
likes to download its patches at build time.

(That's one thing I like better about crosstool than
ptxdist: crosstool comes with the patch repository bundled
in.  IMHO this is a good idea because it makes the build
less dependent on having a network connection, and
it makes the build more reproducible -- you aren't at
the mercy of the patch repository operator to quite the
same degree.)
- Dan

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