Request For Enhancement: crosstool support of arm (rmk only?) kernel patches

Robert Schwebel
Mon Jan 26 06:38:00 GMT 2004


On Fri, Jan 23, 2004 at 09:42:45AM -0600, Ken Wolcott wrote:
> Here is an RFE for crosstool. Please support rmk (Russel King) arm
> kernel patches in crosstool. The rmk kernel patches have a different
> format than the normal patch, ie: bzip2'd and the word "patch" is in
> the beginning of the name, rather than the suffix.

PTXdist does support the -rmk patches, you might try it out. Although I
must say I'm not happy with the way we handle this kind of "feature
patches" now. For "bugfix patches" we use the same method as crosstools,
but for feature patches there is too much magic in the makefiles at the

> Support for Nicolas Petri arm kernel patches would be nice but I know
> even less about whether those would be useful to me or not...

You only need Nicolas Pitre's patches if you are on a PXA platform and
use kernel 2.4. 

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