Need help for portin

Dan Kegel
Tue Jan 13 15:44:00 GMT 2004

Manmeet Singh Johar wrote:
> Actually I'm only looking to build a compiler for a proprietary
> architecture, not the whole driver (compiler + assembler + linker +
> library). As we already have all the other tools for win32 platform
> (including out own compiler), but I'm dead sure and so I'm determined to
> prove that we have a better option as GCC. But for that I first need to
> port GCC to that proprietary architecture, and need to build it for
> win32 platform, right? But I want all these activities to happen in
> Linux.
> I hope I'm not asking for too much, am I? But I'm sure about 1 thing,
> I'm ready to give it all that I have got. For me this not a project, its
> mission. And I know, without guidance of a person like you, I may never
> be able to do it on time.

Does gcc already target your architecture, or are you proposing
to add a new target to gcc?  If it's the latter, and you're hoping
that gcc is worse than your proprietary compiler, then might this
not be a self-fulfilling hope?  After all, adding a new target
to gcc is a lot of work.  (Adding a new target to binutils is
probably easy by comparison.)

Are you simply trying to compare the quality of the code generated
by the two compilers?  If so, then you're probably better off
building and running the compiler on the same OS, and not trying
to mix Windows and Linux.

Ah.  I get the feeling you won't be running an OS on your target
platform, which means you probably want to build a gcc + newlib

I also gather you want to use an existing assembler and linker,
and that these only run under Windows.  This might mean the
one OS to use is Windows, but you could also run everything
under Linux, and run the assembler and linker under Wine
(I do this, it's easy, see my post last night on wine-devel).

- Dan

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