Need help for porting

Manmeet Singh Johar
Tue Jan 13 07:27:00 GMT 2004

Hi Dan,

Actually I'm only looking to build a compiler for a proprietary
architecture, not the whole driver (compiler + assembler + linker +
library). As we already have all the other tools for win32 platform
(including out own compiler), but I'm dead sure and so I'm determined to
prove that we have a better option as GCC. But for that I first need to
port GCC to that proprietary architecture, and need to build it for
win32 platform, right? But I want all these activities to happen in

I hope I'm not asking for too much, am I? But I'm sure about 1 thing,
I'm ready to give it all that I have got. For me this not a project, its
mission. And I know, without guidance of a person like you, I may never
be able to do it on time.


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> Manmeet Singh Johar wrote:
> > I forgot to mention 1 thing
> > 1) The build system, which is used to do all the building. (would be
> > RedHat Linux 7.2.)
> > 2) The host system, which will eventually be used to run the cross
> > compiler; in this case, Windows.
> > 3) The target system, for which we want to use our cross compiler to
> > make executables; in this case, would be a third RISC processor.
> Oooh!  You're the first person in a while who's wanted a real
> Canadian Cross, where build != host != target.
> What OS will the target run -- will it be Linux, windows ce, or none?
> - Dan

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