crosstool and RH9 findings

Dan Kegel
Mon Jan 12 17:36:00 GMT 2004

David Eisner wrote:
> First, thanks for crosstool!  It's been some time since I had
> to build a cross-compiler, but I remember it being a pain. Your tool 
> makes it almost effortless.
> As it turns out, I'm using crosstool on Red Hat 9, and I had
> the problem with wget hanging.  As your Changelog suggests,
> it's a firewall issue.  If I turn iptables off, wget works. 
> Alternately,  if I leave the firewall up and use --passive-ftp,
> it also works.

Ah, thanks for the info!  Nice to know turning off iptables makes the problem go away.

BTW, how does wget without --passive-ftp fail?  If it aborts, then
I could probably do something like
   wget foo || wget --passive-ftp foo
and have a good chance of working even if iptables is on.
- Dan

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