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Kai Ruottu
Mon Jan 12 15:05:00 GMT 2004

"Manmeet Singh Johar" <> wrote:

> I forgot to mention 1 thing
> 1) The build system, which is used to do all the building. (would be
> RedHat Linux 7.2.)
> 2) The host system, which will eventually be used to run the cross
> compiler; in this case, Windows.

 So you will first need a RedHat Linux 7.2 to Windows cross-toolchain
to produce Windows binaries on Linux...

 The two most usual 'hosts' for "GCC for Windows" are Cygwin and MinGW.
Cygwin is some kind of Unix-emulation upon Windows and the runtime C
library resides in CYGWIN1.DLL, meanwhile MinGW is based on the 'native'
MS-C and MSVC DLLs, CRTDLL.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL runtime C libraries, ie.
the produced binutils, GCC, GDB, make etc. binaries use these DLLs.

 For the MinGW target there should be downloadable prebuilt tools for
Linux, but one can just as well build a toolchain oneself. The MinGW
site,, should tell more.

 For the Cygwin target I don't know whether there are any downloadable
tools, although RedHat supporting Windows better than their own Linux
with the Cygwin target tools, sounds wacky.

> 3) The target system, for which we want to use our cross compiler to
> make executables; in this case, would be a third RISC processor.

 First you must produce a Linux-hosted equivalent cross-toolchain. The
libraries for the target will be produced on the $build platform, so you
must have a toolchain for the target there. After that it is enough to
build only the binutils and GCC-only ('make all-gcc') for the target and
for the Windows host.

 Isn't there any name for that RISC?  The $target dependent problems are
$build and $host independent and talking about these usually happens very
freely, but maybe you have some reason to not mention it...

 The Cygwin and MinGW $host related issues should be well-known. But they
may vary from time to time. I haven't built so many Cygwin hosted tools
on Linux (I have the same RedHat 7.x here) lately neither updated the
toolchain headers&libs from cygwin-1.3-something. Quite the same situation
is with MinGW. Anyhow I have built tens if not hundreds Windows-hosted
tools during the past years. I have currently near 100 different target
crosstools installed on my main Win2k system.

 Whatever your $target is, it is possible that it already has some prebuilt
Windows-hosted tools as downloadable. Some common sites are:   (ARM, PPC, MIPS,...)      (SH, H8/300) (30 targets, at least for RedHat Linux)

 Intel keeps tools for their XScale and StrongARM for free download and many
other chipmakers do the same for their chips. Anyhow one learns about cross-
GCCs when toying with them.

Cheers, Kai

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