crosstool common source patch

Dan Kegel
Tue Jan 6 17:36:00 GMT 2004

Carl Miller wrote:
> OK, I did a fresh unpack of crosstool-0.25, applied this patch, and got a
> clean build with a common source tree that can be shared among multiple
> targets.  I prepopulated the source tree with some of the components, but
> not others.  It downloaded the missing ones, unpacked them into the shared
> source tree, and accepted the others as is.
> ... 

Hmm.  Your patch as written skips the download of normal components if
the shared directory exists:

> +	# If using a common source directory tree, check for it there first
> +	test -n "$COMMON_SOURCE" && test -d ${COMMON_SOURCE}/${BASENAME} && return 0

I wonder, given that the build directory gets blown away, whether we can simplify that to

 > +	# If directory already exists, we must be using a populate common source directory tree
 > +	test -d ${COMMON_SOURCE}/${BASENAME} && return 0

Also, shouldn't we have a test like that in the glibc addon sections?  At
the moment I get the feeling those get redownloaded even with common source,
which might be traumatic.

- Dan

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