unprivileged builds + installs

Enrico Weigelt weigelt@metux.de
Sun Dec 26 19:34:00 GMT 2004

* Robert Schwebel <robert@schwebel.de> wrote:

> It depends on what you want to do. If you have software components which
> need to run under a certain user you are lost; for example, if you want
> to install proftpd you need your config file to be installed as ftp.ftp,
> which isn't possible on the host system if you are not root. 

hmm, that in fact was my question ...

> In PTXdist we solve this problem by completely separating the
> compilation and testing stage. During compilation all files are being
> installed into $TOPDIR/root/ without caring for permissions; all
> permission info is collected in a "permissions" file and, on 'make
> images', being used to create tar archives with fakeroot. When the
> testing stage later installs the archives on the embedded systems they
> do the right thing. 

This doesn't really satisfy me. 
Its probably better to write a faked/adapted install tool (as replacement
for (gnu|bsd)-install) which stores the permissions in some extra file
and installs the files with no respect to permissions.
When installing the (archived) package into the target system, the 
permissions then will be fixed from this file.

Of course this requires fixing some packages, but it seems the really
cleanest solution to me.

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