mipsel crosstool problem

Dan Kegel dank@kegel.com
Tue Dec 21 16:43:00 GMT 2004

Karl Lunt wrote:
> Dan,
> I hope you can help me here.  I'm trying to build the crosstool chain for the MIPS processor (Linksys WRT54G) and hit a snag during the building of .../csu/crt1.o.  ld reports a parse error on line 22.  I'm sorry, but I'm using cygwin and have no way of capturing the previous lines from the display, and if crosstool is keeping a log, I can't find it.  It seems like ld shouldn't be reporting a parse error when building crt1.o, but that's how I remembered it from the display.

Here's how to make a log: just redirect the output of
your script to a file using >.
Since the errors go to stderr, you also have to
redirect file descriptor 2 to the same place as stdout using 2>&1
The command should look like this:
   sh demo-foo.sh > log 2>&1

> I am using the stable release of crosstool-0.27

Try the development version, 0.28-rc37.

And please direct questions to the crossgcc mailing list
rather than to me personally.
- Dan

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