Toolchain recomendation ?

Robert Schwebel
Mon Dec 20 07:42:00 GMT 2004

On Sat, Dec 18, 2004 at 02:08:39PM -0200, Claudio wrote:
> I need a toolchain for an ARM720T chip (little endian, no hardware FPU) 
> to compile Linux kernels 2.4.28, 2.6.8 and user applications.
> I intend to use crosstool to generate the toolchain and would
> prefer to use the more recent versions of binutils, gcc and
> glibc, but stability and reliability are more important.
> What versions of binutils, gcc and glibc do you recommend
> for my configuration ?

The softfloat crosschains from crosstool are known to work; we currently
use gcc-3.3.3 and glibc 2.3.2 with binutils 2.14 which is known to be
stable. You can easily play with the parameters if you try PTXdist;
building the above toolchain is something like

	make toolchain_arm-softfloat-linux-gnu-3.3.3_glibc_2.3.2_config
	make world 

and if you want to try out other versions just 'make menuconfig' and
change to something different. PTXdist uses crosstool to actually build
the toolchains. 

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