Cheap PowerPC development system: kurobox

Dan Kegel
Fri Dec 17 15:48:00 GMT 2004

This is the cheapest PowerPC development system I've ever seen.
Caveat: I haven't tried it myself; I just saw the review on Developerworks.

Vendor site:

$160 for the basic unit (200 MHz, 64 MB, ethernet, USB, Freescale 8241 CPU, "sort of like a PowerPC 603e")
$240 for the spiffy one (266 MHz, 128 MB, gigabit ethernet, USB)
You have to add your own hard drive, but the thing comes in a nice
case with power supply, and a Windows setup disk that will
find the unit on the LAN and format its hard drive remotely,
putting a Linux 2.4.17 kernel and a bunch of Linux programs on it.

That's about as cheap as X86 SBCs.
It's almost as cheap as things like the WRT54G, but unlike those,
this is *designed* to be used as a Linux development system,
which makes it a bit more convenient.

I think it's a loss leader, so get it while you can; they might
run out and stop building more.  I think they're hoping people
will build cool software for these things that will make it
worth them building more.
- Dan

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