Compiling with other optimization?

Martin Egholm Nielsen
Fri Dec 17 07:55:00 GMT 2004

Hi Enrico,

> <snip>
>>I'm pondering on changing the Makefile for so that it 
>>does not include (most of) java.awt.*, javax.swing.*, etc.
> This seems to be a good things nevertheless. 
> I'm also planning to use java for some embedded system, so I'm 
> very interested in smaller footprints.
> Probably add some configure flags or better splitt off libgcj in 
> several distinct parts. 
> But thats really an gcj issue.
It is - and I've discussed it with those guys, as well. But they are 
busy with gcc 4.0.0, so don't wait up for that feature anytime near :-)
However, I succeeded in shrinking libgcj to approximately 6 megs, by 
doing the above...


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