dealing with newer version numbers in glibc "configure"

Robert P. J. Day
Mon Dec 6 11:31:00 GMT 2004

  i'm having to, ever so slightly, hack the newest glibc's configure
script to accept the latest snapshots of binutils.  in that configure
script, you find the version checking:

if test -z "$AS"; then
  # Found it, now check the version.
  echo "$as_me:$LINENO: checking version of $AS" >&5
echo $ECHO_N "checking version of $AS... $ECHO_C" >&6
  ac_prog_version=`$AS --version 2>&1 | sed -n 's/^.*GNU assembler.*
  case $ac_prog_version in
    '') ac_prog_version="v. ?.??, bad"; ac_verc_fail=yes;;
       ac_prog_version="$ac_prog_version, ok"; ac_verc_fail=no;;
    *) ac_prog_version="$ac_prog_version, bad"; ac_verc_fail=yes;;

  where, you can see, the configure script is pretty picky about what
it things is an acceptable version of "as" (the current version of
"2.15" is clearly acceptable).  the same thing holds for "ld" as well.
note that this clearly won't accept the versions of those programs
from what i'm testing with, which is binutils-041205.  when you run
the generated versions of those two programs with "--version", you

GNU assembler 041205 20041205
GNU ld version 041205 20041205

which, as you can see, will fail the version test when glibc is

checking version of
v. ?.??, bad
checking version of
v. ?.??, bad

  a quick patch will handle this, of course, but it's annoying that
it's glibc snapshot version 20041204 that's doing this.  you'd think
that the snapshots of the GNU utils would have been updated to be
compatible with the other snapshots. :-(


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