gcc-3.3.3 and softfloat?

Steven Scholz steven.scholz@imc-berlin.de
Sat Dec 4 11:57:00 GMT 2004


> He wrote
>  > export GCC_EXTRA_CONFIG="--with-float=soft"
>  > export GLIBC_EXTRA_CONFIG="--without-fp"
> which tells http://kegel.com/crosstool/crosstool-0.28-rc37/crosstool.sh.txt
> to configure gcc with --with-float=soft
> and glibc with --without-fp.
> I rather thought that would do it, but I guess it
> doesn't pass your test, i.e. a compiler configured for
> soft-float should output
>   #define _SOFT_FLOAT 1
> when you run the command
>   $TARGET-gcc -dM -E -xc /dev/null  | grep FLOAT
> Can somebody who knows something about softfloat comment?
> Incidentally, I seem to recall softfloat is said to not be fully working
> with vanilla gcc-3.3.3, the version Steven is trying.  Steven,
> can you try with gcc-3.4.3 just for kicks?

In gcc-3.4.2-glibc-2.3.3-linux-2.6.8 (from crosstool-0.28-rc37) using

export KERNELCONFIG=`pwd`/arm.config
export TARGET=arm-softfloat-linux-gnu
export GCC_EXTRA_CONFIG="--with-float=soft"
export GLIBC_EXTRA_CONFIG="--without-fp"
export BINUTILS_DIR=binutils-2.15
export GCC_DIR=gcc-3.4.2
export GLIBC_DIR=glibc-2.3.3
export LINUX_DIR=linux-2.6.8
export GLIBCTHREADS_FILENAME=glibc-linuxthreads-2.3.3

I get

$ arm-softfloat-linux-gnu-gcc -dM -E -xc /dev/null  | grep SOFTFP
#define __SOFTFP__ 1
$ arm-softfloat-linux-gnu-gcc -dM -E -xc -msoft-float /dev/null  | grep SOFTFP
#define __SOFTFP__ 1


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