how to specify big-endian build for SH3 toolchain?

Dan Kegel
Thu Dec 2 16:45:00 GMT 2004

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   just to make sure i'm doing this properly, what do i have to do
> change to get a *big*-endian build for SH3?  all i did was edit
> sh3.dat and make the change:
> - TARGET_CFLAGS="-O -m3 -ml"
> + TARGET_CFLAGS="-O -m3 -mb"
> i'm assuming there must be more since my big-endian build failed
> partway through, complaining about a big-endian/little-endian clash,
> which means that *part* of the build is still little-endian-oriented.
>   have i missed a config/build option somewhere?  

Try what I suggested in my previous message, namely figuring
out what target name is conventionally used for a big-endian
sh3 target (probably sh3eb-unknown-linux-gnu), and try that.
Tools like binutils etc. often set their default endianness
by looking at the target name.

If that doesn't do it, we can look for more places to jam -mb, e.g.
GCC_EXTRA_CONFIG="--enable-cxx-flags=-mb" or something like
- Dan

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