building a toolchain with gcc4?

Dan Kegel
Wed Dec 1 16:06:00 GMT 2004

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   on my shiny new FC3 system, i have both the standard gcc-3.4.2
> (which i am at the moment using to build a new SH3 toolchain), as
> well as the bleeding edge preview gcc4 compiler.
>   is there any value to trying to build (just as a test) the same
> toolchain with gcc4?  would it require ugly hacks to the scripts to
> override the ubiquitous calls to "gcc" with "gcc4"?  i've got spare
> CPU cycles, might as well waste them.

No hacks needed; just make a directory ~/fakebin containing a script named gcc
that contains

gcc4 "$@"

mark it executable with
chmod +x gcc

then run with

That overrides gcc just for that one run.

As to whether it would run faster, who knows.  It would
be a nice test of gcc4, though.

If you want a compiler that runs faster, you might
try building it with profile feedback
(either with gcc's options, or by creating a linker
script that links the functions in the order they're
called, or some other method of increasing locality
of reference to reduce cache misses).
That would be an interesting little change to
- Dan

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