Configuring gcc for a s390 or criss crosscompiler? (was: [PATCH] Add --with-cross configure option to force -DCROSS_COMPILE behavior)

Dara Hazeghi
Tue Jun 17 18:31:00 GMT 2003


I'm entering this discussion a bit late, but maybe I
can clarify (or understand better what's going on

First, we have the following three configure flags:

sets the machine on which the compiler is being built.
Assumed to be host, unless otherwise specified.

sets the machine on which the compiler is supposed to

sets the machine which the compiler is supposed to
generate code for.

A few thoughts:

I don't think --host shouldn't matter much in the case
of the compiler. Essentially, all it means is that the
hosted environment has xyz feature that the compiler
can rely on. Thanks to autoconf, most thinks are
tested based on specific features, and not set
generically per platform.

For instance, I did a compile of gcc 2.95 for
i386-linux on powerpc-darwin, but told it that the
host was for m68k-linux. The resulting compiler seems
to work fine.

There are certain scenarios where this difference is
important, ie a 32 bit host and 64 bit target. There,
I imagine setting host == target may have some serious

If setting --target= for x86 x x86 cross compiles
fails, that is a bug, and I'd file it as such.
Admittedly it's not the common case, but setting
--host shouldn't be necessary.

Apologies if the above was merely a repeat of what's
been said before...



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