Problems with first steps using a MinGW based linux --> windows cross compiler

Dan Kegel
Thu Jun 12 21:17:00 GMT 2003

David Philippi wrote:
> I've just tried for the first time to use a cross compiler without too
> much success yet. I tried the following commands:
> CC=/usr/local/cross-tools/bin/i386-mingw32msvc-gcc
> CXX=/usr/local/cross-tools/bin/i386-mingw32msvc-c++
> --prefix=/usr/local/mingw
> CC=/usr/local/cross-tools/bin/i386-mingw32msvc-gcc
> CXX=/usr/local/cross-tools/bin/i386-mingw32msvc-c++

You forgot to mention where those scripts came from.  I imagine you're
following ?

> What do I need to add to the linking stage to get the symbol? Patching
> the Makefile or configure script isn't unusual for me anyway. In fact, I
> had to patch configure to get a non working check about endianess out of
> the way (ok, really hard to check for a cross compile *g*).

You shouldn't have to patch the configure script for endian checks
if they're using the standard check; just regenerate it with a modern
autoconf (1.52 or later, say).  (And *that* may require a bit of
patching to; if so, please contribute the changes back
to the mailing list for the program you're trying to compile.)

You also forgot to mention what program you're trying to cross-compile.

- Dan

Dan Kegel

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