Interpreting gcc-3.3 "make check" results

Dan Kegel
Thu Jun 12 17:01:00 GMT 2003

Doug Evans wrote:
> One useful thing in the gcc testsuite is the ability to run make check
> for one particular test.
> Usually what I do is run make check, let it finish, and then rename
> testsuite/gcc.log so it doesn't get clobbered when I run make check again.
> Then go through the tests one by one.
> After patching gcc (assuming it's a gcc bug) I can test the patch
> for the particular testcase I'm interested in with
> make check RUNTESTFLAGS=foo.exp=bar.c
> e.g.
> make check RUNTESTFLAGS=compile.exp=20010605-1.c
> And if you wanted a few -v's:
> make check RUNTESTFLAGS='compile.exp=20010605-1.c -v -v'
> Sorry about the foo=bar=baz syntax, but I kinda like it.

Thanks, I'd seen that syntax and the just-one-expfile argument
to runtest, but I was always fuzzy about whether you had to
specify a path.  I guess that's one more nugget for the
"how to test gcc with dejagnu" tutorial I'm writing.
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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