Help with crossgcc and an embedded system!

Vincent Rubiolo
Wed Jun 11 14:04:00 GMT 2003 wrote:
> GNUs,
>  I require some help getting started out using GCC for my embedded system. 
> The target system is an embedded i486 with little or no external hardware, 
> it's actually an STPC Elite. I have a bootloader for my system, this boots 
> the STPC(Processor) into a known state and strts execution of code from 
> 10000h. This works fine and I've tested it using a bit of assembler. I now 
> want to use C.
>  I initialy started out by trying to write my own memory script and crt0.s 
> for GCC, although this has prooved porblematic as I can't find the 
> information to finish my crt0.s. After some web trawling, I found out about 
> crossgcc, yourselfs.
>  I tried installing gcc as a cross compilier usin Bill Gatliffs info, 
> initaly with the target set to i386-elf. This built fine, but could not 
> find crt0.o when calling gcc (i386-elf-gcc!) with a simple program.
May sound stupid but are the search paths of gcc correctly initialized? I personnaly have nothing in 
my spec file and put everything on the cmd line... You may also need to pass -nostdlib so that 
gcc/ld does not look for libs other than the ones you specified on the cmd line.

> I then tried  i486-none-elf as the target, but this failed when trying to 
> build the cross compiler (Binutils/bootstrap GCC/newlib OK). It rekoned 
> that the bootstrap GCC would not make an executable? Why?

Could you be more precise and post one of your error messages? Also, did you carefully followed 
Bill's instructions to make the whole thing work (especially the bare/complete gcc build)

>  I'm probably stumbling around missing the obvious again!
>  I'm trying to install the latest version of GCC/BINUTILS/NEWLIB (all just 
> downloaded today) if thats of help. My system is RH7.2
> Ta. Nigel Murphy.

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