Section layout with ld script for flash based ARM system : what's wrong?

Vincent Rubiolo
Tue Jun 10 08:19:00 GMT 2003


Does somebody could give me some advice to organize memory sections with an ld
script for a flash/RAM based system?

Everything is dled in flash at startup. ASM routines take care of copying RAM
functions from flash to RAM and zero-ing .bss sections.

The problems is that we want to include code of certain objects files in the RAM
zone so we have to declare them first. Otherwise, the * takes precedence and
they are wrongly located.

The problem that arises is that I have lots of "Relocation truncated to fit"
errors and I do not understand why.

As it is in fact ADS->GNU conversion, I wonder about how to convert the ARE
statement. Suppose we have the [AREA BOOT, CODE] statement to translate.
Should I replace it with a [.section "BOOT", "x"] or with [.section "BOOT"\n .text].
I chose the second solution. If I switch to the first one, then I have "Literal
referenced across section boundary" error (If I remember well)

Could somebody help?

Thanks a lot for your reply.


Here is my script (which is a translation of ADS scatter file btw)


	/* Code in Internal Ram has to be relocated at address 0x000000 but must be 
placed after .text section in ROM */
	.iram_text 0x00000000 : AT (0x01000080 + SIZEOF(.text))
		Load$$IRAM$$Base	= 0x00000000	; 		/* Load address of the region */
		Image$$IRAM$$Base	= .		; 		/* Execution address of the region */

		*except.o (.text .rodata)
		*irqisr.o (.text .rodata)
		*irqctrl.o (.text .rodata)
		*HW_BT_iip.o (.text .rodata)
		*os_context_arm.o (.text .rodata)
		*os_int_prim.o (.text .rodata)
		*nvdslowlevel.o (.text .rodata)
		*/uart2.o (.text .rodata)
		*/usb.o (.text .rodata)
		*USB_int.o (.text .rodata)
		*sleepfromram.o (.text .rodata)

		Image$$IRAM$$Length	= . - Image$$IRAM$$Base ;
		Iram_Text_End		= .			;

	/* We relocate Internal RAM data after RAM code but put it in ROM, after 
Internal RAM code */
	.data 0x00000000 + SIZEOF(.iram_text) : AT (Iram_Text_End)

		Image$$IRAMDATA$$Base		= .					;
		Load$$IRAMDATA$$Base		= 0x00000000 + SIZEOF(.iram_text)	;

		*lm_memory_manager.o (.data)
		*.o (.data)
		Iram_Data_End			= .					;
		Image$$IRAMDATA$$Length		= . - Image$$IRAMDATA$$Base		;

	/* Same stuff for BSS */
	.bss 0x00000000 + SIZEOF(.iram_text) + SIZEOF(.data) : AT (Iram_Data_End)
		Image$$IRAMDATA$$ZI$$Base 	= .	;
		*lm_memory_manager.o (.bss)
		*.o (.bss)
		Iram_Bss_End			= .						;
		Image$$IRAMDATA$$ZI$$Length 	= Iram_Bss_End - Image$$IRAMDATA$$ZI$$Base	;		


	end = .	;

	/* GNU : The entry point of our application. This label is located in boot.o */

	/* Code section at the beginnign of the ROM
	.text 0x01000080 :
		*/boot.o (.text .rodata) /* Make sure the code for booting is first */
		*.o (.text .rodata)
		Code_End = .	;
	} > CODE


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