Section information of ADS generated assembly file

Ketan Mukadam
Wed Jun 4 05:48:00 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I am not sure whether this is the right place to ask my query. [It is more 
related to ADS than to gcc GAS]

I have an C code with inlined assembly, built for ADS[ARM Development 
Suit]. The inline assembly is not in gcc-syntax. I converted it to pure 
assembly file using the -S option of armcc compiler.

Now I changed the directives of the file to suit the gcc assembler 
(gas).   The assembled code has something like the following
         DCD      ||.constdata$1||
         DCD      ||.constdata$1|| + 4

AREA ||.constdata||, DATA, READONLY, ALIGN=1

         DCW      0x0001,0x0003
         DCW      0x0000,0x0001
         DCW      0x0002,0x0004

AREA |area_number.1|, DATA, READONLY, ALIGN=0
EXPORTAS |area_number.1|, ||.constdata||

My query is

1) What the ||.constdata$1|| stands for?? Is it a label or a subsection 
inside the .data area or is it a indication to the linker to attach a 
specific (load) address to this symbol??

2) Why EXPORTAS is used to export the section named |area_number.1| as 

3) How can I map this to gcc GAS assembler directives??

Thanks in advance


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