Building a cross-toolchain from scratch

Nick Patavalis
Tue Jun 3 17:12:00 GMT 2003

> If this really is the case, all native
> GCCs should be built without needing anything from '/usr/include',
> '/lib' or '/usr/lib' during the build

They *should*, or at least the gcc build system should *provide for*
such builds. The fact that it doesn't, is a deficiency in the gcc
build-system that causes all this mess.

> Ok, somehow I suspect that the Debian 'glibc-2.3.1-17' could be more
> bug-free than a 'glibc-2.3.2' built by oneself from the FSF-sources,
> without any target specific extra patches, if looking at some
> specific target. The '-17' could mean that the Debian people have
> tried to fix at least something...

Undoubtly! But this is an argument against using vanilla tools---tools
built from the official sources---and using tools patched by
distributors instead. Even if I take no position regarding this
argument, you must understand that this has *nothing* to do with the
*method* used to build the cross-toolchain. Glibc-2.3.1-17 is *not*
glibc-2.3.1, built in a special way. It is a unique, derivative,
source tree. Whether you should apply the "debian" patches to your
glibc-2.3.1 sources before building, is an issue irrelevant to the

Furthermore I do believe that having *working* *official*
distributions is the only way for sanity to prevail in the
free-software world! That is, if we start taking *for granted* that a
version of a fundamental tool, as distributed by its authors, is a
non-working one, then well ... I don't want even to start considering
where this could lead to.

> Okeydokey, here are short instructions for installing the
> bootstrap-glibc from the Debian packages (and honouring the work of
> the Debian people, not urinating upon their work, as the "very
> common case", by Nick, could be)

I would suggest selecting your wording more carefully, and refraining
form references to bodily functions! I believe that my text is in no
way disrespectful to you, to the debian people, or to the work of

Furthermore, If it is perfectly ok for you to build something using
binary components, then why don't you go the whole way, and buy a
pre-built toolchain (several companies sell such). Using a binary
component *that cannot be built from sources through a repeatable, and
mechanize-able process* is like relying on a unique artifact delivered
to you by an alien culture, which you cannot rebuild, reproduce, or


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