Review Required
Wed Jul 23 07:23:00 GMT 2003

Anyway, I am still tinkering around with the toolchains [mingw, cygwin,
and djgpp].  I have got them all compiled [tested mingw one (dont have
environments for djgpp and cygwin yet, but have a hunch it works)].

I have started on a hint for the LFS Website, and remembering a comment
here about how people's hints [people like me?] do not fully understand
how this works, was curious if someone here can review them [temporary location, and
sometimes my modem dies].  (Still working on text, have a hunch 1/2 the
things I say are incorrect).

BTW, how exactly do the ported versions of GCC's code go back to the main
sources?  [ex:/ there is obviously some djgpp stuff in there (Dont know
how old), but there seems to be lots of patches required to make it
compile with libraries.]

[hint problems I know]
(You could only include needed headers in sys-includes, instead of having
everything copy when you use --with-headers [I'll have to pull up the
email I read before])

cygwin, mingw libraries, I have a hunch I'm not compiling them right. 
[farely big hunch].

the hint creates seperate directories then the ones you compile in [like
how binutils and gcc are compiled in LFS], (I didnt test to see if it
worked, bur remember reading how you need a seperate directory for
building newlib, [and cygwin utilizes newlib]).

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