kaz Kojima
Sat Jul 19 00:04:00 GMT 2003

Dan Kegel <> wrote:
> I found an implementation of rpc.rexd at
> (Thanks, Larry!)  Haven't tried it out yet, not sure what the license is,
> I'm asking Larry now.
> I may borrow dodes' execve wrapper and see if I can modify
> it to do remote execution via rpc.rexd, just for fun.

It would work. There are no strong requirements for the execution
server. Thanks for the information of rpc.rexd.

BTW, the method like dodes is limited by the underlying network file
system. There is a delay to notify some kinds of file operations on
NFS. The file creations with the NFS client side are not seen from
the server side so immediately, for example. I'm unsure that it is
an essential restriction of NFS or a simply implementation issue of
the current NFS on Linux. It might be not problem with the interactive
use of such method but anway sometimes problematic in batch-like use.


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