crosstool-0.11: all that, and remote testing too

Dan Kegel
Wed Jul 9 03:02:00 GMT 2003 now contains scripts and documentation
for how to run the gcc/glibc regression tests in a pure remote chroot
environment containing exactly the toolchain you've just
compiled, regardles of what version of glibc your target system
normally runs.  It's slick if I do say so myself.  I've tested bits
and pieces of this, but haven't done a complete runthrough yet,
so caveat emptor.  If you find problems, please let me know & I'll
try to address them.  I'm hoping we can start running tinderboxes
using these scripts against gcc and glibc cvs so future releases
of gcc and glibc will be have fewer cross compiling regressions.

ChangeLog entry:

0.11: Updated to actually work.
      Added doc/crosstool-howto.html, doc/chroot-login-howto.html
      Added chrootshell.c
      Added inetutils-1.4.2-patches/*.patch to work around old sh4 compiler bug
      that made rcp fail.
      Renamed dejagnu tutorial doc/dejagnu-remote-howto.html
      Remove absolute paths from (by analogy with;

Dan Kegel

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