porting assembly file to compiled using GNU linker rather than ARMLINK

benjaminlee001@shaw.ca benjaminlee001@shaw.ca
Fri Feb 28 23:57:00 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I've got a question regarding the use of GNU linker.

I am trying to compile an assembler file using GNU as and ld.  The file is a file to setup the C envoirnment and is originally built using ARM SDT armasm and armlink.  I've changed all the directives in the file so that it would compile under GNU as.  But when I try to link the file together with other source files, it gives me a message saying that "undefined reference to `Image$$RO$$Limit'" in that file.  The symbol "Image$$RO$$Limit'" represents the code size and is determined at link time by armlink.  So how can I get GNU linker to define the symbol at link time so I can build the object file successfully?  The portion of code that contains that symbol is listed below.

>  IMPORT  |Image$$RO$$Limit|      ; End of ROM code (=start of ROM data)
>  IMPORT  |Image$$RW$$Base|       ; Base of RAM to initialise
>  IMPORT  |Image$$ZI$$Base|       ; Base and limit of area
>  IMPORT  |Image$$ZI$$Limit|      ; to zero initialise
>        LDR     r0, =|Image$$RO$$Limit| ; Get pointer to ROM data
>        LDR     r1, =|Image$$RW$$Base|  ; and RAM copy
>        LDR     r3, =|Image$$ZI$$Base|  ; Zero init base to top of initialised data
>        CMP     r0, r1                  ; Check that they are different
>        BEQ     %F1
>0       CMP     r1, r3                  ; Copy init data
>        LDRCC   r2, [r0], #4
>        STRCC   r2, [r1], #4
>        BCC     %B0
>1       LDR     r1, =|Image$$ZI$$Limit| ; Top of zero init segment
>        MOV     r2, #0
>2       CMP     r3, r1                  ; Zero init
>        STRCC   r2, [r3], #4
>        BCC     %B2

Please help me out on this,

Thank you so much,


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