Linux, MPC555 and serial .s19 download...

Ken Rose
Mon Feb 24 17:01:00 GMT 2003

mcdowell wrote:
> I'm new at embedded development with linux and have a question that some will
> probably laugh at as it is so trivial.  I have set up minicom to connect with
> a MPC555 development board's ROM monitor over RS-232 (ttyS0).  I can connect
> fine issue commands, and communicate in general; however, when a try to
> download a .s19 file (a test program supplied the manufacturer) a run out of
> luck, it doesn't seem to work transfer correctly.  I'm using ascii transfer
> (Ascii-xfr) from minicom (I've also tried from the command line).  If anyone
> could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

You may not have any flow control in effect.  That could lead to (a lot
of) lost characters, which would, of course, be bad.

Mimicom has some settings to throttle ASCII transfers.  Try inserting
delays and see if it helps.  It's not a good way to deal with it if you
can get flow control working, but if not, it'll help.

Good luck

 - ken

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