Linux, MPC555 and serial .s19 download...

Mon Feb 24 04:06:00 GMT 2003

Sorry about the lack of detail...  The board is a PB-0555 from Axiom 
Manufacturing.  All I have to gone on for the ROM monitor is the following 
from the board manual (available from

You can also load a program into memory and execute it using this utility. A 
simple "hello world"
program is provided for you on the disk as an example. Follow these steps:

1. Select 1 on the main menu. At the monitor prompt > type dl and hit <enter>.

2. Select the send text file (or upload) command from your terminal program 
and locate the file
named "HELLO_R.S19" included on the software disk. Send this file to the 

3. If your terminal is set to Echo characters sent, you should see each line 
of the file sent. The
last line of the file contains the START address of the hello program, which 
is 3FA004.

4. Type go 3FA004 at the prompt. You should see the phrase "Hello World!" 
echoed back to
the screen, which is all that this simple test program does, each time you hit 
a key.

5. To exit from this test program, hit the RESET button on the board.

Another excerpt from the manual:
The utility software provided uses the serial port connected to your PC 
running a terminal
program as described under "Getting Started". While you can use almost any 
commercial or free
serial communications terminal interface, it is important that you configure 
it to work properly with
this board. The following settings are important:

1. BPS: 9600, Data Bits 8, Parity none, Stop Bits 1
2. Flow Control should be set to HARDWARE
3. Emulation should be ANSI
4. When uploading files to the board, be sure to send in Text mode.
5. When programming CMFI memory, you must use ONE of the following:
    a. 15 millisecond pace delay after each line
    b. wait for echo character following each line

This is all the information I can provide.  So it is expecting text mode 
transfer.  It seems as though ascii-xfr is sending more than just the plain 
.s19 file that the monitor is not expecting.  I can communicate with the board 
and issue commands, the download just doesn't work.

Thanks for the interest.  Any ideas are welcome.
-Kyle McDowell

>===== Original Message From =====
>Whose board is it?  What ROM monitor?
>Is the board expecting Zmodem or Xmodem instead of ascii?
>Embedded environments are all different.  Details, we need details!  :^)
>On Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 12:47:10PM -0600, mcdowell wrote:
>> I'm new at embedded development with linux and have a question that some 
>> probably laugh at as it is so trivial.  I have set up minicom to connect 
>> a MPC555 development board's ROM monitor over RS-232 (ttyS0).  I can 
>> fine issue commands, and communicate in general; however, when a try to
>> download a .s19 file (a test program supplied the manufacturer) a run out 
>> luck, it doesn't seem to work transfer correctly.  I'm using ascii transfer
>> (Ascii-xfr) from minicom (I've also tried from the command line).  If 
>> could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.
>> Another quick question while I'm at it.  Has anyone use BDM on a MPC555 in
>> linux and if so where might I find more information.
>> Thanks for your time
>> -Kyle McDowell
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