Adding a compiler flag to newlib.

Spundun Bhatt spundun@ISI.EDU
Tue Feb 18 22:43:00 GMT 2003

I am building gcc/newlib by putting the new lib directory in the gcc
directory (hopefully this is a clean way... the getting started with
rtems guid said to put a softlink like this) 
And my powerpc derived compiler is breking in
/powerpc-rtems/newlib/libc/stdlib directory. My target is ofcourse
powerpc-rtems. Now if I put the -msoftfloat flag in the compiler flags
then the error will go away (I know because I am modifying the compiler)
but I dont know wht configuration to modify to make -msoftfloat be
included in some compiler switch like say TARGET_CFLAGS. I have put this
msoft-float in gcc configuration such that the same source files when
building in /powerpc-rtems/nof/newlib/libc/stdlib and similar
directory=ies like ca le etc .. build fine but it breaks over here where
the -msof-float option vanishes for some reason. Anyone done this hack
before who could help me?
Thanx a lot

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