*Assembler* Error: unrecognized option `-marm920t'

Richard Earnshaw rearnsha@arm.com
Sat Feb 15 15:44:00 GMT 2003

> I built a cross compiler for arm-elf on a linux host. The build worked
> without error messages. The only (possibly) fancy configuration was for
> the final gcc build:
> [michael]$ ../gcc-3.2.2/configure
> --with-headers=/home/michael/gp32/cross/install/arm-elf/include
> --target=$TARGET --prefix=$PREFIX --with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld
> --enable-languages=c,c++
> Now when I compile some very straightforward C source code (< 20 lines),
> I get an *Assembler* error message:
> [michael]$ arm-elf-gcc -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -finline-functions
> -mcpu=arm920t -fno-exceptions -fno-common -fno-builtin -ffreestanding
> -mstructure-size-boundary=32 -mno-thumb-interwork -c -Wall -I$INC
> gpmain.c
> Assembler messages:
> Error: unrecognized option `-marm920t'
> >> Note, that the -mcpu=arm920t switch for the C compiler is recognized!
> Can anybody help? Do I have to compile with different options? Or
> rebuild gcc with different options?
> Thanks very much in advance.
> Michael

You don't say what version of binutils you are using.  I suspect that it 
is sufficiently old that it doesn't have support for assembling for the 
920.  Possible solutions to this are:

- Upgrade binutils
- Target a different processor (try StrongARM for example).
- Use -march=armv4t -tune=arm920t (This will give you the same code as 
with -mcpu=arm920t, but will pass armv4t to the assembler instead (it's 
far more likely to accept that))


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