HELP: psim/gdb and attach

John Breen
Tue Feb 11 14:29:00 GMT 2003

In the psim manual, under "Using a device tree specification", it says:

    If you are wanting to run a program [under gdb] described by a
    device tree you can `attach' to the simulation using (I assume
    that you have applied the attach patch) [...]

Does anyone know the status of this patch?  I gather the psim manual is 
pretty old, so I'm surprised the patch isn't part of gdb, but 'attach' 
doesn't appear to work; I get, "Don't know how to attach.  Try 'help 

I'm not trying to do anything specific (yet), just trying to understand this 
device tree stuff in psim, particularly the load-binary and map-binary 
John Breen

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