New targets to Binutils for H8 series

Kazu Hirata
Tue Apr 1 00:00:00 GMT 2003

Hi Andrew,

> Good idea, but I think also will be good, mark 26xx subtarget as 
> new bfd-target too.

I am basically for having a subtarget for each combination of
instruction set and mode.  However, if we have .h2600 or something,
then we should probably have "upward compatibility" thing built into
the linker so that we can mix H8S/2600 code with H8S or H8/300H.  This
way, we don't have to have separate libgcc.a and lib[mc].a, etc, for
H8S/2600 because the difference of instruction sets between H8S and
H8S/200 is only mac-related instructions.

Kazu Hirata

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