help: big endian arm-elf toolchain

Grant Edwards
Fri Sep 27 21:52:00 GMT 2002

On Fri, Sep 27, 2002 at 10:37:10AM -0700, Carl Miller wrote:

> > Anyone knows how to build a big endian arm-elf
> > cross toolchain?

> We've got a big-endian-defaulting toolchain for arm here, but
> we used binutils-2.10.something and gcc 2.95.2.  So I'm not
> sure our patches will go in cleanly to the tool versions you're
> using.  But I'll send them along anyway; at least they'll be a
> decent starting point.

Interesting. I looked at making a big-endian toolchain once,
but decided it was too much work so I just put the relevent
command line options [mentioned below] in my Makefiles and
forgot about it.

> Failing that, you could always just invoke little- endian tools
> with -mbig-endian to gcc and -EB to gas and gld.  That should
> work also.

> No experience with newlib,

Me neither.  Both versions of gcclib should get built by the
standard build process.

> but all a recent gdb should need is "set endian big".  You
> could put that in the project's .gdbinit once, and forget about
> it.  And I think (not entirely sure) that once gdb is taken
> care of, insight should be fine as well without any additional
> effort.


Grant Edwards

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